General guide to changing springs and or shocks on your T3.
Photographed and proven by Germ man.

Feb 06: Temporary posting until i've tested the sequence and had a chance to revise the layout etc. Hope its of use in the meantime!

01 - Gather your tools gentlemen! - get ready to go low..

02- close-up, dont forget the wirebrush and spring compressors (pair of)
03 - You'll probably have a set of springs and shocks similar to this. note lowered springs really need lowered shocks. 04 - Dont forget to use Plus-Gas or other penetrating oil thoroughly over all the bolts and nuts, several days before starting the job if poss
06 - Clean that thread and you will need to hold it with a 6mm spanner while you undo the nut. 07 - once these 2 hex head bolts r out you need to tap the upper ball joint out
08 clean the threads on these bolts or you will dragg the dirt and crud thru the threads.. 09 - The long bolt shown here is a right pain if its rusted - more penetrating oil!..or heat...or an angle grinder... Then remove the shock
10 - The hard bit is done, now the shock is out. 11 - fit 2 x spring compressors (you can hire these) not as close together as shown here.
12 - these spring compressors needed a longer jaw to work/fit 13 - tie the flexi brake pipe out of the way to prevent kinky damage!
14 - Compress the spring carefully and SAFELY! 15 - You dont want the jaws to slip, unless you want to break your jaw!
16 - pause for breather - following so far? 17 - Worth fitting new top ball joints, cheap too.
18 - Fitting the spring and shock is the reverse of removal - Check Mr Haynes or Bentley for Torque wrench settings. 19 - Refit and adjust the shocks to halfway settings (11 clicks on these)
20 - Brickyard do poly bushes for tie rods etc - again worth doing while its all in bits! 21 - Dont forget to get your camber and tracking checked, especially if you've slammed it 60mm or more.
22 - Fitting the rears is much simpler. Just drop the trailing arm once all is undone and fit shiny new parts. 23 (optional) Race the bus to check your new handling!